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When Only the Best Will Do


Deanan Delight

How do we begin to describe the indescribably delicious? Well, take our most popular Gourmet Popcorn flavor - Carmel Corn - then toss in handfuls of roasted almonds and pecans, let them get to know one another during the mixing process, and what results is an absolutely mouth-watering treat we call "Deanan Delight".

It's really difficult to convey how tasty Deanan Delight is - we suggest trying it yourself and see what comes to mind. We're thinking "nirvana".

Cashew Coconut

It's really hard to match the Delicious Quotient of Deanan Delight, but one day in our laboratory, our Culinary Crew decided to tweak the recipe a bit and poured toasted cashews and fresh coconut in with a batch of our rich Carmel Corn.

The aroma was amazing. There was no shortage of volunteers in the factory willing to serve as taste testers, and the reviews were all rave. It was a no-brainer to add this mix to the menu, and what resulted is our second Premium Popcorn flavor.

Never at a loss for names, we decided to call it what it is: Cashew-Coconut.


Private Label

The ability to use your own logo with our custom label is now available for Deanan Delight and Cashew Coconut flavors.


Image showing a personalized private label on Deanan Popcorn packaging

Buy, sell, crunch, crunch, crunch.

Carry a product that's always in good taste!